Where is Las Peñitas

Las Peñitas is a small fishing village next to Poneloya on the west coast of the Pacific in Nicaragua only two hours drive from the capital, Managua. Here people are living their traditional life as fishermen and the environment is quiet and nice.
The local fishermen will take you out fishing if you like for a reasonable price.
There are not many tourists yet who have found this quiet and nice place to spend their holidays. You have long empty beaches to walk and surf on and the Mangrove forrest gives you a relaxing and also exiting experience.

In the evenings you can enjoy local food as well as international. There are pizza and pasta in “La Riviera” and local as well as international in Casa Patricia, Barca de Oro and Lasamaki.net.

The nearest town is Leon, an old colonial city from when the spaniards were here. Only half an hour with the local bus and you are in the middle of a busy university city. León has a lot to offer in the night and during the day.

Nicaragua is famous for its volcanos and from Leon there are several companies that offer trips to climb them.

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  1. David Cardin says:

    I would love to meet the Las Penitas dot net people and get to know you and what we can do to help promote our fabulous piece of Paradise.
    You mention some of the other establishments in our village but failed to mention us, the #1 beach destination, surfing, ocean front accommodations. Only sports bar and ocean front wi-fi, etc., etc.
    What are you doing sitting around because having fun costs too much? Hawaii at 70% off. Pacific Ocean Paradise at Playa Roca Beach Hotel-Las Penitas, Nicaragua
    http://www.playaroca.com http://bit.ly/4Ujkk

  2. David Cardin says:

    I’ve been told that a general article about Playa Roca would be nice, with some price lists. Well, the web site does some of that, but web sites sometimes are a little boring, data and more data, that’s why I like blogs, you can insert “stuff” people ask you about and don’t have to keep changing the web site. An article that was published in NicaLiving gives a little better description that just the playaroca.com site. Here it is again if you didn’t get a chance to “link-up” earlier.
    Another person asked about senior citizens and if they fit in. Last year we had 2 separate “snow birds” come and stay extended time at Playa Roca (2-3 months) instead of Florida, California or Arizona OR Mexico, where they used to spend the winter months. The beauty, weather, solitude AND the low cost of living here full time was the reason for their stay and their desire to return on a permanent “winter” basis.
    For the first time they ACTUALLY saved money living here than in their OTHER winter get-a-ways or even staying at home sitting by the furnace and wishing they could afford to be in a paradise destination like their “rich” buddies. Now they can and ARE! Tours, fishing, reading books, LEARNING a new language (yes, old dogs CAN and DO learn new tricks), learning the wonderful world of the Internet, even being able to call home and talk as often and as much as you would like cheaper here than what they spend on their own telephone service at home.
    You you are a long way from home in a strange but spectacular setting, but with todays communication, you are only a cheap phone call away (with web camaras you can even see). Daily phone calls to family and friends makes it like you aren’t even gone at all. AND if you don’t want to be hassled by phones, office or telemarketers, you just search for a hammock or table on the beach and search the web, read a book or stroll the miles of unspoiled beaches. The splendid rock formations, only steps from the hotel, are great for exploring sea life and feel the power of the ocean either nestling around you or crashing waves exploding only yards or meters from your perch atop the volcanic mounds of “frozen in time” lava! Fishing and sunsets and even exploring for live lobsters are other “rock” adventures.
    All the fun doesn’t leave you because you are older, surfing and hiking up volcanoes may be a younger activity, but horseback riding, bicycling and beach combing are ALL age activities as well as wilderness touring and visiting historical and natural sites near Las Penitas and Playa Roca.
    You will be amazed how little it REALLY costs to visit, stay or even live in this paradise setting. Wouldn’t it be nice to see your savings go further or get MORE for your money for a change? I was told yesterday by a guest from New York that for a beer and a pack of cigarettes put him back $12 at a local pub last week. He told me this because he just asked for a beer and a pack of cigarettes at the beach bar and he paid only $2.50! HIS TIP to the bar tender in NY cost him almost that much!
    No, there are no bridge clubs, golf clubs, shuffleboard or lawn bowling here, not even a club house where you can watch “As the World Turns” (even though we have satellite TV for major sports and movies).
    What would you think if after a vacation you came home speaking Spanish (or English)? Nicaragua and speaking specifically about the Playa Roca Beach Hotel, has nearly 70% of all visitors from outside of Latin America, so people staying here can converse with people from all over the world. Spanish is the national language, but if you want to speak English, over 50% of all tourists are from North America and 20% from Europe who normally speak English as well as their own foreign tongue. We have professional language specialists who will teach you Spanish in the morning and you can surf or play or relax the rest of the day. How exciting to be able to communicate with locals in their native tongue. Spanish classes are on the premises so you don’t have to worry about traveling or wasting time, just let it happen.
    So you can think of your vacation as an experience or adventure. As a young boy once asked where the zoo keepers are, I said, “Son, this isn’t a zoo, those are wild crocodiles and sea turtles!”. A couple years ago I coined a phrase that you had to “FES UP” to Playa Roca: Fun, Education and Spirituality. The tranquility and ambiance of such a setting, far away from the lights and glitter, traffic and noise (except for nature calling) will transform you for sure. The worlds recession has reduced and in some instances eliminated peoples plans for vacations and “getting away from it all”. This is an opportunity for you to still live a life outside of paycheck to paycheck existence, waiting for the savings account to dictate a “life recharging” opportunity.

    What are you doing sitting around because having fun costs too much? Hawaii at 60% off. Pacific Ocean Paradise at Playa Roca Beach Hotel-Las Penitas, Nicaragua
    http://www.playaroca.com http://bit.ly/4Ujkk

  3. Max says:

    I like the Playa Roca beach in Las Penitas for what it doesn’t have; mosquitoes, sand flies, fire coral, drug dealers or violence. I can sit out at night without spraying myself with repellent or being hustled by vendors. After sailing most beaches in the Caribbean and Central America, it is a pleasure to find one were I can truly relax.


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