Out Fishing!


Today I was woken by the phone ringing at 5.30 am. A fisherman friend called me and said that the waves were small and that I had to hurry if I wanted to go fishing with his fishing crew this morning. Since that is one of my favorite activities, I jumped out of bed and hurried down to the estuary where all the fishing boats are. To go deep sea fishing we have to cross out through the waves into the Pacific. That is always a bit scary, but this morning everything went well. I have had some wet experiences in the past, with waves splashing into the boat. So you have to be prepared and put everything away that cannot get wet.

To describe what is happening you have to be patient. In the picture you can see the boat we go out with. The boys around the boat are waiting for the fishing boats coming in with their catch, and they start to clean the fish. This way they earn their food every day. The pay is a fish for the family; either they sell it or the cook the fish so they have food for the day. The sun is shining strongly and you need clothes on to protect yourself. For these guys it is extremely important to do that since they go out fishing every day.
Normal departure time is six in the morning. We stay out four hours and return about ten. This is because the fish bites in the morning, and when we approach 9.30, there is a notable difference, and the fish stops biting. So then it is time to surf back to the estuary and the beach to clean fish and arrange the equipment. You can see the bay in the picture, and this varies according to tide. High tide is what you see here, and on low tide it is dry land, with sand. Today we had high tide.

We had fishing luck today. The catch was about 100 pounds of fish. I am not sure what these types of fish are called in English, but in Spanish they are called “urel”, “macarela” and tuna. The macarela looks like the European macrel, but it is white in the flesh. The urel is big with dark flesh and makes noises when it gets on board. You either fry or cook the fish, and it tastes deliciously.

But the most exiting of it all is the stay out there. It is like entering a fairy tale world. In the background on land you see the row of volcanoes from “La Cocigüina” in the north to the Momotombo in the south. Suddenly you see a couple of turtles mating in the water, or dolphins swimming in front of the boat hunting the same fish that we are fishing. And then you see huge carpets of small fish, and you know that under this carpet there are some big ones lurking. All of this is entering my senses like a dreamy world.
I usually don´t fish; I just observe and enjoy the sun and the tranquility and the small talk and comments of the fishermen as the get their catch. It is fun and nice.

So at 11 I am back in my house and back to normality, and having lunch, going to the city, León, having meetings and being a normal person and it feels like living in two different worlds, and this is what gives me the energy, and that makes me feel young and alive.

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