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Last week I was going on a trip into the mangrove forest to get some photos for my work. We went in the afternoon because the light is better then and the animals are more visible then, because they are either hunting for food or resting. Well I was well equipped with my small camera and ready to shoot anything that moved. We saw a lot of iguanas, lovely bright green animals but they were too far away to make any good motive. It is also difficult because these are animals living in the nature and they move around so you have to be quick to get them on the film.

There are always a lot of big birds in the forest, and that day was no exception. We so huge egrets, white and black, and some “martin pescador” which is a tiny little fish eating bird but it is lovely. We went far into the forest and saw traits of dear and raccoons. Since the turtle season has started you could also see turtles coming up to the beach laying their eggs. In fact there are so many species in this forest that you could get a lot of exotic pictures if you were lucky.

So as we headed back to civilization I put away my camera, because we normally return quickly and there is not a lot to see then. But as we turned around a bend in the canal, there it was. A huge crocodile at three meters length and I was not able to take my picture because my camera was in my bag, and before I could get it out, the animal had dived out into the water.  So what could have been the photo of the year, I missed wit about 20 seconds because I was unprepared. But now I know where it lives and I am going back into the forest, and this time in kayak, so that I will be able to see it and not scare it away.

It always spectacular to go into the mangroves because it is so quiet and you feel that you are away on another planet. I use this to unwind and stress down when I am tired and need some distractions. So if I am lucky next time I will have my photo and you will see it here.

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  1. connie says:

    Hello, Elisabeth, I am interested in purchasing a property there and would like to thank you for your blog. It has helped me understand the country a little more and is quite entertaining! I am from Toronto, Canada and can’t wait to visit.

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