Turtle season

From august til december the turtles living in the Pacific ocean are restricted for commercial use. This is the period when they climb up to the beach from the sea and dig their caves where they lay their 100 eggs each. So since we are in the egg laying season, I went walking one night on the beach in hope of seeing one in action. It was high tide and the walk was hard because the sand is soft and it is like walking in snow without skis. So I had to rest for a while and found a piece of wood and sat down. The view is fabulous when there is moonlight and you see and hear the roaring waves coming into the shore. It never stops. And whithin these waves you can see the turtles diving and preparing themselves for the tough walk up the steep beach.

So after a while sitting down, I continued my walk, constantly watching the waves in case there is something coming out of the water. And there it was! Just as I was escaping a big wave a big lump of dark shell came falling almost onto my feet out of the water.It was a huge seaturtle ready for her egglaying task. I had to back off so that she would not see me. And I followed her up to the top of the beach and saw her starting digging the cave for her eggs.  It is an amazing wonder fo nature this prosess, and it takes 45 days for the babies to be born. Then they crawl out of their eggs and out of the cave. The big challenge is getting out into the water without being eaten by all the dangerous species that are their natural enemies. That night the watchmen had couted seven turtles coming out of the water to ensure the next generation of turtles to continue.

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