Work, work, work


I know it overdue now for me to write again. I have been working very hard those last weeks and there has been no time to do anything else. The weather is changing slowly now and we are entering the dry season, or summer as they call it here. It is so nice when you wake up in the morning and the sun is shining and I can see the top of the highest volcano in Nicaragua from my bedroom window. It is called San Cristobal, after the great explorer I guess. My work here is teaching Spanish to Norwegian students, and now we are approaching end of term and they are close to their exams. I travel from my dear house into the city of León every day and have my lectures in Spanish grammar. It is nice to go to the city, but even nicer to go back home.

It is amasing to be living in a small fishing village on the Pacific coast where everyone knows eachother and everyone knows me because I am a “chela”. This is a word they use for a white woman, and it has no negative sound at all. People here are friendly towards strangers, and they want to know you. So I greet and talk to everyone I meet in the street when I take a ride on my bicycle in the mornings. When I have time off, I go to the beach which is long and empty because there are hardly any tourists around. So my life is busy and laidback at the same time.

People here fish and sell this to the byers who go into town to sell it at the market. 15 of Noovember is the official day when summer begins, but we feel it coming already. Nights are cooler and the sky is full of stars. The humid air is getting dryer and you can enjoy life outside in the evenings. Bonfires on the beach is a frequent activity, and I just love this.  You should really try to visit Nicaragua the next time you have time off. It can be an exiting experience, and even better if you know some Spanish. So until next time look towards Nicaragua!

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