Everything grows in Nicaragua.


It is winter in Nicaragua now. It is strange for someone from Europe to live the sensations of winter here. This morning when I got up it was raining heavily and the lights was on in the kitchen. It felt like Christmas!!! Nicaragua has two seasons, a dry one and a rainy one. The dry season is from November till April and the wet or rainy season is from May till November. The dry season they call summer and the wet is called winter. First time one experiences this it feels strange to call something with 30 degrees winter, but it is true. You feel sometimes that you like to stay indoors with candles and a blanket watching television, eating pizza and drinking wine.
However the winter is the time for growing things that you want to harvest. And everything grows. In my garden I have two big plants with chili. Someone dropped a seed on the ground, and two months later a plant is starting to grow. No it is a big tree that supplies my domestic needs for chili in my food.
Plants grow everywhere, and now, since it is raining, it is green and beautiful. The pictures show everything.
So the harvesting period is from May till November like in Europe, but they call in winter here.
In “summer” everything is brown and dry and look like in the winter in Europe, but not because it is too cold, but because it is too dry.
So this is it for now. I will continue this story once a week, and talk about my life here, and the peculiar things that happen in my daily life.
Good bye for now.

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