Holidays in Norway

I´m back again. It has been a long break from writing, but my intention is to keep you all posted on my life here in Nicaragua. Since last time I have been to Norway visiting family and friends and that was nice. But as always when I´m there I miss my life here.

Here the rain season has started again. Nicatagua is turning green and it is a lovely sight. Cows and horses look well fed and the nature is alive again. Birds are nesting and on my trips into the mangrove forrest I see small chicken everywhere.

In my garden there is also life. Huge watermelons are growing rapidly and this is something I have never seen before becaus ein the cold north this fruit is only available in the supermarkets. But it is like the tomatoes. The ones you grow yourself are much sweeter and taste much better. Right now I have about seven. Soon it will be time for a party for the watermelons.

But other than that not much is happening here. We would like more people to visit us and feel the good atmosphere here.

Life is good!

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