My new study center


Exciting things are happening now. I am starting a new project building a house that is going to be a new center for teaching Spanish to foreigners. The house will have fascilities that are necessary when people from cold climate are visiting the tropics. We will give classes to groups that want to learn Spanish in nice and quiet surroundings in a small fishing village at the Pacific coast.

The building process is interesting to follow. The house is made of concrete and everywhere when houses are built like this, there are machines doing the heavy work. On this site however you will see a very different way of work. Strong men are doing everything by hand!! The make the cement by hand, they carry it on their shoulders and the house is slowly but steadily growing day by day. The plan is to finish in November-December this year. It seems incredible but I don´t doubt it. They have an incredible efficiency in their work.

Horse and carriage is taking away mud that will make the construction unstable, and there is not even electricity installed. Iron is bent by hand to make support in the cement, and spade and buckets are tools for the workers.Worker

Below you can see how they mix the cement.

Cement mixingSo this is almost like a small community. They work and eat and have their siesta. If they need food, they buy a fish and then they make soup in a huge caserole.

All the men contribute to this meal.

Preparing fish

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