New hospital at Las Peñitas

It looks like building is in fashion these days.  Two weeks ago there was some activity across the road where I live.  Rumours told us that there was new project in Las Peñitas. They were going to build a new hospital here. The next day a big truck came with a lot of materials; cement, material to fill the ground after having taken the mud away. And people were contracted to watch everything during day and night.

The preparation continued until yesterday when suddenly at 11 am they started to build the hospital. And during the day they managed to advance quite a lot. This morning they are putting the roof on the first part of the house. So things are moving fast.

People stop just looking at the speed everything is happening, asking how is it possible to build this fast.

According to plans this hospital is going to have 24 hours service with doctor and nurse and an ambulance.

The building is growing as we speak, and we are looking forward to this big contribution to this community.

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