Study centre is opening!!

Finally we can see that the building of the centre is soon to be finished. We are busy with the last bits and pieces and our first students will arrive within one week. It is exciting.

Our conference hall is looking good and hopefully a lot of Spanish will be learned between these walls.

As we are in January the waves are small and as I speak we have a temeprature of 34 degrees celcius.

Our rooms have private bathrooms and AC but nights are not so warm as the days.
The beach is one minute walk from the house or can enjoy the sunset from the balcony.

So this is the last blog about the building process and hopefully many students will fill the rooms and learn a lot of Spanish.

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  1. Terence Hill says:

    Congratulations concerning the school. I reason for my communication is understand more about the culture and tourism in the your area. I am considering purchasing there.

    If you have a moment and would not mind sharing more about your experience there, it would be helpful to understand more about the area/region.

    Thank you.


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