Where to stay

Located on the beach – a surf hotel. Internet connection.
Playa Roca

Located on the beach. Well known for its good restaurant.
La Suyapa Beach Hotel

In adition there are several new hotels located at the beach.

BOMALU, La Cueva del Tigre, El Belga Loco

By the bay of the village where the fishingboats have their deprting point going out fishing there are several hotels.

Located in the village of las Peñitas. You can go horseback riding. La Barca de Oro


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  1. Hi,

    What a great guide to the Las Penitas area. We loved stayed there.

    I’m not sure when this blog was last updated but there is a new hotel in the area which is really great, it’s called Nayal Lodge. We wrote a review on it with a video link here if anyone is interested – http://ausventurers.com/index.php/2016/08/17/where-to-stay-in-las-penitas-nicaragua-nayal-hotel/

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