Study centre is opening!!

Finally we can see that the building of the centre is soon to be finished. We are busy with the last bits and pieces and our first students will arrive within one week. It is exciting.

Our conference hall is looking good and hopefully a lot of Spanish will be learned between these walls.

As we are in January the waves are small and as I speak we have a temeprature of 34 degrees celcius.

Our rooms have private bathrooms and AC but nights are not so warm as the days.
The beach is one minute walk from the house or can enjoy the sunset from the balcony.

So this is the last blog about the building process and hopefully many students will fill the rooms and learn a lot of Spanish.

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Following the study centre

The CentreNow summer is here. The sun is shining again, and the temperature is cool, just between 25 and 30 degrees. The study centre is growing fast, and soon the carpenters will arrive and start with doors and cabinets around the house.

Plans are to finish in january with everything, and I think they will finish that schedule.

I love the bathrooms! They are bright and clean.



Conference hall


This will be the conference hall filled with students wanting to learn Spanish. There is still some work to do, like painting the walls, but it looks good and better still when finished.


And this will be the space for resting in hammocks or eating area.




As you can see this is very exciting. The rooms will have air condition and there will be space for individual classes and conferences.

More pictures will be published when the house is ready.

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New hospital at Las Peñitas

It looks like building is in fashion these days.  Two weeks ago there was some activity across the road where I live.  Rumours told us that there was new project in Las Peñitas. They were going to build a new hospital here. The next day a big truck came with a lot of materials; cement, material to fill the ground after having taken the mud away. And people were contracted to watch everything during day and night.

The preparation continued until yesterday when suddenly at 11 am they started to build the hospital. And during the day they managed to advance quite a lot. This morning they are putting the roof on the first part of the house. So things are moving fast.

People stop just looking at the speed everything is happening, asking how is it possible to build this fast.

According to plans this hospital is going to have 24 hours service with doctor and nurse and an ambulance.

The building is growing as we speak, and we are looking forward to this big contribution to this community.

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The big day!

Tuesday 27 of September was a big day in the building prosess. From early in the morning at five o´clock the workers were making the division between the first and the second floor. Fifty men mixing cement and carrying it on their shoulders up the stairs. Impressive!!Soon they willl start making the walls for the second floor. I can´t wait till it is finished! It looks like everything is going according to plan. We are making plans about how we are going to make everything look nice when they finish.



At three o´clock the workers went back to León happy about a good days work.


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My new study center


Exciting things are happening now. I am starting a new project building a house that is going to be a new center for teaching Spanish to foreigners. The house will have fascilities that are necessary when people from cold climate are visiting the tropics. We will give classes to groups that want to learn Spanish in nice and quiet surroundings in a small fishing village at the Pacific coast.

The building process is interesting to follow. The house is made of concrete and everywhere when houses are built like this, there are machines doing the heavy work. On this site however you will see a very different way of work. Strong men are doing everything by hand!! The make the cement by hand, they carry it on their shoulders and the house is slowly but steadily growing day by day. The plan is to finish in November-December this year. It seems incredible but I don´t doubt it. They have an incredible efficiency in their work.

Horse and carriage is taking away mud that will make the construction unstable, and there is not even electricity installed. Iron is bent by hand to make support in the cement, and spade and buckets are tools for the workers.Worker

Below you can see how they mix the cement.

Cement mixingSo this is almost like a small community. They work and eat and have their siesta. If they need food, they buy a fish and then they make soup in a huge caserole.

All the men contribute to this meal.

Preparing fish

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Holidays in Norway

I´m back again. It has been a long break from writing, but my intention is to keep you all posted on my life here in Nicaragua. Since last time I have been to Norway visiting family and friends and that was nice. But as always when I´m there I miss my life here.

Here the rain season has started again. Nicatagua is turning green and it is a lovely sight. Cows and horses look well fed and the nature is alive again. Birds are nesting and on my trips into the mangrove forrest I see small chicken everywhere.

In my garden there is also life. Huge watermelons are growing rapidly and this is something I have never seen before becaus ein the cold north this fruit is only available in the supermarkets. But it is like the tomatoes. The ones you grow yourself are much sweeter and taste much better. Right now I have about seven. Soon it will be time for a party for the watermelons.

But other than that not much is happening here. We would like more people to visit us and feel the good atmosphere here.

Life is good!

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Students in León

Just found a new interesting blog about how it is to be a student at Kulturstudier studying Spanish og Pedagogy in León. Go to the blog and look at all the nice pictures.

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Work, work, work


I know it overdue now for me to write again. I have been working very hard those last weeks and there has been no time to do anything else. The weather is changing slowly now and we are entering the dry season, or summer as they call it here. It is so nice when you wake up in the morning and the sun is shining and I can see the top of the highest volcano in Nicaragua from my bedroom window. It is called San Cristobal, after the great explorer I guess. My work here is teaching Spanish to Norwegian students, and now we are approaching end of term and they are close to their exams. I travel from my dear house into the city of León every day and have my lectures in Spanish grammar. It is nice to go to the city, but even nicer to go back home.

It is amasing to be living in a small fishing village on the Pacific coast where everyone knows eachother and everyone knows me because I am a “chela”. This is a word they use for a white woman, and it has no negative sound at all. People here are friendly towards strangers, and they want to know you. So I greet and talk to everyone I meet in the street when I take a ride on my bicycle in the mornings. When I have time off, I go to the beach which is long and empty because there are hardly any tourists around. So my life is busy and laidback at the same time.

People here fish and sell this to the byers who go into town to sell it at the market. 15 of Noovember is the official day when summer begins, but we feel it coming already. Nights are cooler and the sky is full of stars. The humid air is getting dryer and you can enjoy life outside in the evenings. Bonfires on the beach is a frequent activity, and I just love this.  You should really try to visit Nicaragua the next time you have time off. It can be an exiting experience, and even better if you know some Spanish. So until next time look towards Nicaragua!

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Turtle season

From august til december the turtles living in the Pacific ocean are restricted for commercial use. This is the period when they climb up to the beach from the sea and dig their caves where they lay their 100 eggs each. So since we are in the egg laying season, I went walking one night on the beach in hope of seeing one in action. It was high tide and the walk was hard because the sand is soft and it is like walking in snow without skis. So I had to rest for a while and found a piece of wood and sat down. The view is fabulous when there is moonlight and you see and hear the roaring waves coming into the shore. It never stops. And whithin these waves you can see the turtles diving and preparing themselves for the tough walk up the steep beach.

So after a while sitting down, I continued my walk, constantly watching the waves in case there is something coming out of the water. And there it was! Just as I was escaping a big wave a big lump of dark shell came falling almost onto my feet out of the water.It was a huge seaturtle ready for her egglaying task. I had to back off so that she would not see me. And I followed her up to the top of the beach and saw her starting digging the cave for her eggs.  It is an amazing wonder fo nature this prosess, and it takes 45 days for the babies to be born. Then they crawl out of their eggs and out of the cave. The big challenge is getting out into the water without being eaten by all the dangerous species that are their natural enemies. That night the watchmen had couted seven turtles coming out of the water to ensure the next generation of turtles to continue.

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Photo Shoot


Last week I was going on a trip into the mangrove forest to get some photos for my work. We went in the afternoon because the light is better then and the animals are more visible then, because they are either hunting for food or resting. Well I was well equipped with my small camera and ready to shoot anything that moved. We saw a lot of iguanas, lovely bright green animals but they were too far away to make any good motive. It is also difficult because these are animals living in the nature and they move around so you have to be quick to get them on the film.

There are always a lot of big birds in the forest, and that day was no exception. We so huge egrets, white and black, and some “martin pescador” which is a tiny little fish eating bird but it is lovely. We went far into the forest and saw traits of dear and raccoons. Since the turtle season has started you could also see turtles coming up to the beach laying their eggs. In fact there are so many species in this forest that you could get a lot of exotic pictures if you were lucky.

So as we headed back to civilization I put away my camera, because we normally return quickly and there is not a lot to see then. But as we turned around a bend in the canal, there it was. A huge crocodile at three meters length and I was not able to take my picture because my camera was in my bag, and before I could get it out, the animal had dived out into the water.  So what could have been the photo of the year, I missed wit about 20 seconds because I was unprepared. But now I know where it lives and I am going back into the forest, and this time in kayak, so that I will be able to see it and not scare it away.

It always spectacular to go into the mangroves because it is so quiet and you feel that you are away on another planet. I use this to unwind and stress down when I am tired and need some distractions. So if I am lucky next time I will have my photo and you will see it here.

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